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With seating for 6, the Sticcotti dining table incorporates easily into office or dining spaces where the genre of modernism is welcome. 4 stiletto solid wood legs splay outward extending toward the far edges of the table. The legs attach to two solid wood carved timbers spanning the length of the table each with a degree of angle cut on each end. 3 cross support timbers, two toward each end and one in the middle are placed using traditional solid wood joinery methods. The cross support timbers... Top Material: Glass Top Material Details: Tempered 15mm clear glass top surface Seating Capacity: 6 Table Mechanism: Fixed Table

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This is nice choice to buy Sticcotti Dining Table by Kardiel

Sticcotti Dining Table by Kardiel

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Sticcotti Dining Table by Kardiel Reviews
  • Review #1
  • Although this is the first purchase I have ever made on online shop, it rates in my top five favorites! I love it and It's a nice luxury dining table for me. Exactly how I pictured it! Love how simple, yet classy it is! Great price for the quality of the luxury dining table. I recommend this product to anybody who wants quality and perfection. color and style is just perfect.
  • Review #2
  • I almost went with a more expensive brand and I am glad I didn't. I absolutely love this luxury dining table! It is the perfect color. Though my shipment took longer to arrive than I was expecting it was completely worth the wait. It arrived on time. I have had many luxury dining table(s) before, but this one is the best. It's also stylish and am very happy to have bought it.
  • Review #3
  • Great luxury dining table! I was surprised that it was so nicely packaged, and was such a good quality overall for the price. It looks like it cost a bit more. I bought this luxury dining table for work, and it has been nothing short of perfect. I would highly recommend this to anyone that's in the market for a luxury dining table. really well priced, versatile and good looking luxury dining table!

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